5 comfort foods to keep you warm this winter

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5 comfort foods to keep you warm this winter

Since it’s time to say goodbye to ice cream and slushies for now, we’ve put together a list of the best winter comfort foods from Butteroverbae to satisfy your taste buds. With the perfect mix of sweet and savory ingredients, these recipes will keep you warm even on the coldest days and coldest nights.

1. Gajar ka halwa – Carrot Pudding

When we talk about warm food in winter, gajar ka halwa this may be the first choice for many. Chewy carrot pudding provides the perfect combination of health and comfort needed on a cold winter night. The cherry on top? This is also a great way to use carrots, a winter vegetable. The traditional dessert is made with ghee (clarified butter), milk, sugar and grated carrots, and garnishes like khoya, slivered almonds and cardamom pods add more flavor to the dish.

2. Crispy fried fish

There’s nothing better than having hot food for dinner in the cool breeze! Not only is it healthy, but it also plays an important role in thermoregulation, a process that helps maintain your body temperature, especially during the winter. For Pakistanis, the spiciest food is fried fish. It has everything we love, crispy and crispy top, with a marinated fish and tons of masala. It also goes well with daal chawal (lentils and rice), a Pakistani staple. Also, if you don’t like fatty foods, you can fry or bake your fish!

3. milk cake with honey

You should definitely try making this dish no matter what season it is because it is so delicious and the recipe is so easy to follow! The first step is to bake the honey cake, then pierce it with a million holes right away. When done, drizzle the cake with honey and rose sugar. Whip some cream, crush some cashews, and sprinkle on some dried rose petals for garnish! Tap-tap! Now you can make your own rose-honey milk cake anytime!

4. Malai Kofte – Creamy Chicken Curry

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: “I’ve had this all year.” But just listen to the size of the dish before passing your judgments. It’s a bit different than the usual red hot kofte, but still delicious! All you need is to cook a basic white cream sauce with meat and a nice Pakistani garnish to take the dish to the next level. This is food fusion at its best!

5. Hot and sour soup

It’s not winter without soup on the dinner table. Every family has a habit of making chicken soup at night because it is the healthiest and most delicious meal to have on the trip. Although the hot and sour soup is cooked in the same way as other recipes, the main addition is red chili sauce and chicken broth; it is mixed with lots of hot spices and then mixed with tomato ketchup. Yes, if it doesn’t warm you up, nothing will!

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