Scientists are working hard to create intelligent robots

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Scientists are working hard to create intelligent robots

Hod Lipson, the engineer who manages the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia University in New York, is creating a machine that will have “a human-like intelligence”, which will challenge “everything we’ve done”.

Lipson believes that intelligent robots can cure cancer.

Knowledge is one of the most divisive questions in artificial intelligence, but apart from the technological challenge that stands in front of achieving this goal, the word itself is not clear and defined specifically.

According to The New York Timesscientists are making efforts to understand the specific functions of the brain but are still faced with an uncertain result.

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Lipson describes consciousness in his own words as the ability to “think about the future”.

He worked to create adaptive machines such as general intelligence that can learn to improve through machine-learning of nature selection and response to environmental changes and errors or injuries in the machine body.

Machines will not only learn and correct themselves but will be able to think about how they can improve.

As humans apply human traits to non-humans, especially machines, researchers hope that robots can adopt human traits and qualities. , in a way to identify people on smart devices.


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