There are five steps to a dark henna stain

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There are five steps to a dark henna stain

Traditionally, it is believed that the darker your henna stain, the deeper your relationship with your significant other. Whether it’s in a good mood or not, a beautiful reddish brown color can complement your outfit. Nothing beats desi glam like a handful of subtle henna.

Nowadays, no wedding or Eid is complete without mehendi. It’s an entertainment like no other in a time of joy and celebration. Henna is also believed to bring success in the new chapter of the bride’s life.

For all brides and even single ladies who are waiting to join a mehndi this wedding season, there are natural ways to darken your henna stain. Adapted from Wedding Wire, check out these tips for a beautiful dark wedding.

1. Manicure before, but not after

The biggest mistake people make while getting ready for the wedding season is doing manicures and pedicures after getting the mehendi. They are more afraid of henna sticking to their new nail paint – and although that is a real fear – it also removes a shade from your henna color.

It is recommended to do your manicure three days before using henna for maximum absorption of the color.

2. Wash your hands first

It may seem like a no-brainer but it’s amazing how dark the color of henna is. Washing your hands before applying henna allows your skin to absorb more color than dirty hands.

3. Drying

Now that you know how to make sure the pigment is applied properly to your hands and feet, it’s time for some after henna care. People often leave their henna to air dry. While that’s not wrong, you can improve your color by using heat in your design. Use a hair dryer to heat the henna on your skin or use an oven with your hands above it for some warmth.

However, be sure to keep a safe distance and avoid exposing your skin to heat for a long time.

4. Use eucalyptus oil

In particular, all types of oils are useful, but essential oils such as lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, or clove oil can be used as well. darkening the henna. It contains monoterpenes, a group of alcohols that tend to darken henna as it forms cones. However, stay calm after applying the oils as it will re-wet your henna and can ruin the intricate details in your design.

5. Wrap in plastic

This one is a tried and tested technique from back in the 70s. Your grandmother did it, your mother did it, and now it’s your turn. Wrapping your henna-covered hands in plastic at night when they are dry will help prevent moisture and darken the color. It also ensures that your henna stays on for a long time and doesn’t leave a mark on your face or other parts of the body before it goes off. on your big day.

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