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Red Bull does not seem ready to consider the accident as an emergency and is not ready to continue

Last Sunday, the Mercedes team Lewis Hamilton and the Red Bull Racing Max Verstappen crashed at the Silverstone Circuit in an unexpected F1 result. In the middle of a great British Grand Prix battle, Hamilton and Verstappen collided tires on the very first lap sending the Red Bull car into the crash barriers and resulting in a 51G impact. The race was red-lighted and an apparently dazed Verstappen was flown to a nearby hospital for check-ups. Hamilton was handed a 10-second penalty by the stewards, the second-lightest penalty, which he incurred during his first pit stop. Hamilton said several times, during and after the incident that he had with Verstappen, it was clear in front of him. Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal, was visibly upset by Hamilton’s actions on the fast Copse corner, leaving Verstappen ‘very upset’ by the accident. Horner went so far as to label it a ‘fat win’ for Hamilton. All the drivers involved seemed to be overpowered by adrenaline in a battle that ended in an accident that many researchers and fans called an accident.

Red Bull, especially Horner, does not seem to be ready to say that the accident is an accident and is not ready to move on. From the moment the right rear tire flew off the edge of the Red Bull at Copse corner, Horner became the center of attention as he complained, complained, threw insults, and more The wrong information was mentioned by the boss of Mercedes, Toto Wolff. it was uncalled for and very personal.

Verstappen seems to have taken it on the chin like a true sportsman should if the day doesn’t end with a good result. Meanwhile, the Red Bull chief seems to be still thinking about what happened, even days after the incident.

“If Max had made it to the Copse, I don’t think Hamilton would have seen him again that afternoon as he learned in the Sprint race the day before. No matter how experienced or talented, all drivers experience pressure build up at times and this is the most stressful time for Hamilton in the championship, being the corner opposite of the hunt, and in front of his house was seen. he defeated it yesterday at a track that has always been a Mercedes stronghold. We all know that these conditions can bring a different car and one that is not the character of a world champion, but now we see an increase in the risk, ” Horner wrote in his column published by Red Bull, five days after the event.

Red Bull has estimated the damage at about $ 1.8 million, an amount that they think will have big problems for them in this season. In light of the 10-second penalty given by the stewards to Hamilton, Horner believes Wolff tried to engage the jury by emailing more information about the accident to Michael Masi, the race director while reviewing the accident.

“When I heard that Toto was provoking the stewards, I went up to see them and expressed the opinion that none of us should be there,” Horner wrote. Red Bull is still looking at the satisfaction of the sentence and reviewing the available information while also considering their options for an appeal.

Hamilton’s attack on the first lap appeared to have rattled the Red Bull lead driver who made a late race decision to narrow the gap to on the approaching Mercedes resulting in an undesirable situation for the Dutch driver and his team. That was almost all that happened; it’s not the first accident of its kind in Formula 1 and it certainly won’t be the last, given the competitive nature of the sport. The Red Bull must look forward to the remaining races and opportunities this season with their team and their driver, leading on two tables.


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