What does the future hold for Inam Butt?

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What does the future hold for Inam Butt?

The POA is sending athletes to the Summer Olympics on a scare card but ignoring the real prospects of winning medals.

Pakistan is fortunate to be home to many talented and dedicated people. These noblemen of the country have raised the national flag in various fields including sports even with little or no support from the government. Inam Butt, the wrestler, is also one of these men. He continues to make the country proud by winning medals in various international competitions. Despite this, the authorities, especially the Pakistan Wrestling Federation, are not giving him places and money support he deserves it.

Drop a local Gujranwala product ahara (wrestling) shot to fame after winning a gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games Games. He did this again in the 2018 Taupulega Games while also making his mark in other international games. Recently, he became a source of national pride, by winning a gold medal in the first Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) World Beach Games. Butt was the first Pakistani qualified for games, it is only supported 20-day training organized by Pakistan Sports Board; as he completed the remainder of his akahara in Gujranwala. During the final, Butt defeated Georgian opponent Dato Marsagishvili, an Olympic medalist, who he lost to a few months ago due to a controversial decision by the referee.

Butt’s next target is the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020. In my opinion, Butt after more than ten years of experience in international wrestling could be Pakistan’s hope for the gold medal. However, the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) always emphasizes the hockey team and the medals we get. There is little or no honest effort in grooming the players in each game.

On the other hand, hockey is the national sport of all of Pakistan trouble. When not eligible for the 2016 Olympics, the qualification of the team also seems doubtful this time. Remembering, they must overcome the power of hockey, Netherlands in two consecutive games to decide.

While the POA insists on sending one or two athletes to the Summer Olympics on a wild card, at the same time they are ignoring the athletes who are really hoping to win. pin. Looking at the state of hockey, the time has come for our associations to start focusing on players with proven talent in individual sports because we can’t afford to have too many players in bad shape. plan.

Out of ten pin Pakistan has won the Olympic Games, only two for each sport. Bronze medals were won for wrestling and boxing, by Mohammad Bashir in 1960 and Hussain Shah in 1988. Although, all the players received the Sitar-e-Imtiaz, the government did not do much to support them. Shah wanted to train more youngsters in the sport but due to lack of support at home, ended up moving Japan without receiving the award it deserves. No matter how much we criticize the decisions made in the past about Shah and Bashir, it is useless, especially if we make the same mistakes with Butt.

It is very important for POA and other sports organizations to arrange funds for Butt and offer him the opportunity to train in other countries so that he can try the ring wrestling and get some experience before going down in an Olympic ring.

Recently, it was given by the Punjab government Butt and a check by , Rs. 200,000, for winning the Beach Wrestling World Series, but players like Shoaib Malik have also shown interest in promoting him. But support cannot be given and events cannot be established. But recently it was necessary miss the Asian Wrestling Championship, despite training hard due to lack of money.

Butt’s case is also a test case for the POA, as it has never existed before willing in support individual sports. The POA should focus on Butt instead of wasting money by putting players on a wild card for the purpose of participation. I request the prime minister of Pakistan to also look into this issue. Like every player before him, Butt’s case should not be dismissed and the POA should be asked to fund him. . By giving him the right facilities and training, Butt can bring home an Olympic medal after all. 24 years.

I am finishing my piece on this poetic verse of Allama Iqbal which I will dedicate to Inam Butt, Hussain Shah and many others like him:

But his fertile land Iqbal will not regret:
A little rain, and the harvest will finally be sown, oh, sower!


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